Treeless Saddle Pads and Accessories

This is a list of products that I use myself or have used. They also include products recommended by the saddle companies.

This is an international list. To search for stockists in your country copy and paste the product you are interested in with your country.

I no longer add direct links as companies alter stock and it is impossible to keep up with. 🙂

If you have any photos let me know, I am compiling a photo gallery of these items in use.


Barefoot Measure, available from Barefoot directly.

Barefoot Guage, © Barefoot
Barefoot Guage, © Barefoot

Seat Savers and Hip Saver


I bought this HM seat saver to go on my Barefoot Nevada saddle, it added enough comfort for me to go on the fun ride that i had planned. I do have hip issues and without this my treeless was just a bit too wide.I was a bit dubious initially to be honest but it did for me at least make a difference. You can also get the seat saver, but luckily for me I found the above on EBay! Suzanne

Barefoot Hip Saver

Christ Lammfelle

Heather Moffett | Moffat

Pommel Inserts

Barefoot Pommel Insert – different sizes including soft


Christ Composite

Shoulder Shims- Ansur


Reflective Exercise Sheets

Luna Rider Wraparound Sheet


Mark Todd

Lunar Rider
© Treeless Tried and Tested


Ansur Enduro and Ansur Westernaire




© Tofino Tack
© Tofino Tack

Christ Lammfelle

Dorsal Supplement – Solution

Dream Team Universal

DREAM TEAM UNIVERSAL – I liked the material on this pad, and the fact it is a dressage square style. It suits the Dream Team saddle but it is also ok for other treeless and treed saddles. I used it under a freeform and a Dartmoor Treefree.


Equitex GP / Equitex High Wither

EQUITEX GP – shown here in white with Freeform

© Treeless Tried and Tested

EQUITEX HIGH WITHER – shown in brown. Used under a Freeform with a youngster who was growing and a bit bum high. Only used for a year. Did the job it was meant for. These come in blue as well which suited her better. 

High Wither
© Treeless Tried and Tested

EQUITEX ELEGANCE- shown here in white (for treed) This pad suits my cob as she is so broad across the shoulders and back. I have a regular physio who comments how nice and loose she is through her back. The standard Equitex pads are the wrong shape for this saddle. I need the sb which is special order.

Elegance Pad
© Treeless Tried and Tested

Griffin High Wither Gullet Free 

Griffin Nummed Shimmy 


© Treeless Tried and Tested

HAF – Shown here in blue. The haf pad has a wool underside option or the sympanova. It doesn’t have any straps to hold it in place, but i have used this pad under my Freeform and the Dartmoor Treefree ok. Washes well, easy to keep clean and has the option to shim.

Lemieux Pro-sorb 

Libra – Discontinued

I bought my first treeless saddle and this was the pad that came with it. I have an extremely wide Highland, and i use it without the inserts. It is a great pad. Really comfortable and padded. (Other inserts available. They used to be too rigid)




Prolite Wither Pad

Prolite Wither Pad
© Treeless Tried and Tested Prolite Wither Pad

Rydair 10mm (Aus)

Saddle Right


Smart Panel

Suber Pad



Thinline half pad

Toklat Saddle Pad

Trekker with Pockets


Bareback Saddle Pad

One of my favourite pads when I had the pony size. Look forward to photos of you and your horse having fun.

Avandarre In Dressage

I am now the proud owner of a bareback saddle pad!! My Hubby bought it for me after my last post. Woo Hoo!!

This is what my new BB pad looks like, but in navy blue. There’s a water bottle holder on the other side.

I tried it out on Ava first. Let me preface this by saying I haven’t ridden bareback in well over a year, and that was back when I was in tip-top shape and had actual balance. Now, I’m way out of shape and have a definite lack of balance (I’m all over the dang place even in a saddle).

I was trepidatious about riding bareback even with a bareback pad. Ava has been rather naughty lately. Nothing too horrible, but she seems to think there are only two gears: speed-walking, or gallop. Anything else is met by a small tantrum. And Ava has decided that only Ava will…

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Solution Air Jacket Announcement

Air Jacket Announcement-from Solution


Photo shows correct use.

It has come to our attention that clients are attaching straps for air-jackets, panniers and grab straps onto the stirrup hangers of their Solution saddles. Please be aware that attaching anything other than stirrup leathers or webbers to the stirrup hangers can compromise the function, as well as cause damage to the saddle.

Misuse of the saddles in this way renders the warranty void


Photo shows correct use.

We suggest that any clients wishing to attach such items to their saddle do so by way of clips to the D-rings. The D-rings alone are not guaranteed under such high forces as an exploding air-bag and we therefore recommend attaching via a plastic clip which will give in the event of an emergency.

Similarly, please remember that the girthing assembly is also not designed for any purpose other than attaching the girth. Please do not attach breastgirth straps etc. to the girth straps themselves. All Solution GP and Jump saddles come with knee D-rings as standard. If your saddle does not have knee D-rings, these can be fitted retrospectively in our workshop.

Thank you to both riders above for demonstrating correct use of the SMART X-over breastgirth and attachment of air-jackets.

Reproduced from the newsletter.

Closed Ring, E Bar Or Stirrup Plate

Treeless saddles will come with one or the other of these.

A stirrup plate allows the position of the leathers to be altered to the riders preference. The Freeform has a movable closed ring stirrup plate allowing you to alter position of the leathers or change to an e bar.

However some treeless have fixed non removable closed ring or rings which only allow you to move between front and back. Torsion and Libra being an example.

The Dartmoor range is e bar, Barefoot Closed ring, so if this is preference of yours, its worth checking.

The Sensation has the e bar stirrup plate, it is this plate that allows those with removable closed ring plates to swap. After using both, I haven’t had any concerns with either set up. 🙂

It’s always recommended that when using a closed ring you either use a safety stirrup or the Swiss Clips Barnes buckles are still about, they just ceased trading, no reflection on the product, tested it, it works 😉

Freeform Stirrup Plate
Freeform Stirrup Plate

Leathers | Fenders, Girth | Cinch And Stirrup

This is a list of products that I use myself, or have used. It also includes products recommended by the saddle companies.

This is an international list. To search for stockists in your country copy and paste the product you are interested in with your country.

I no longer add direct links as companies alter stock and it is impossible to keep up with. 🙂

If you have any photos let me know, I am compiling a photo gallery of these items in use.


I have decided to include these as I do get asked what I use.

The fleece covers were made for me by a lady on EBay UK. They come in a vast array of colours and now patterns.
You can buy the proper wool stirrup leather covers, but, for those wanting something cheaper, these fleece ones are ideal and wash well. Just look for people selling rein and noseband covers 🙂

Stirrup Leather Covers
© Treeless Tried and Tested Stirrup Leather Covers

Girth and Cinch

Dream Team ‘C’

It is for horses with curved tummy lines and forward girthing point. If you have a treeless with swinging straps (new Freeform models) you may not need this type.

Photo shows correctly fitted c girth.

Correct Fitting


Easy to put on. Elastic ends. Easy to use and keep in the slot to start with and to finish. You have a little pocket to tuck excess into. Too easy to over tighten, didn’t give me a very secure feeling although the girth didn’t move, it did become slippery when she sweated. Sold.


This is an air filled girth ( not made now) which my cob loves. Keeps the saddle nice and secure. Straight cut but doesn’t rub and allows freedom of movement. Would like a larger size. If you have an air filled in a 28/30 get in touch.

© Treeless Tried and Tested Kavalkade

Mohair Dressage Girth- photos wanted


This is another good quality girth from DT. It is really easy to do up and suits my cob with her large shoulder movement well. It has the centre ring for attachment and the keepers are kept in place by two flaps which keep everything tidy and in place. Highly recommended.

Many thanks to the lady who gave this to me to trial and keep 🙂

Dream w
© Treeless Tried and Tested Dream w


Ortho flex soft sides

Soft Sides
© Treeless Tried and Tested Soft Sides

Professionals Choice

Weaver Smart Cinch






EZ knees Western – (Fender attachment)


Freeform T Bar
© Treeless Tried and Tested Freeform T Bar

FlexEE Biothane

So far proving to be good value for money and easy clean. You get the small cover to go over the t bar and these fit onto the e bar. I do also have an elastic cover at the end just to keep it a bit more tidy/extra protection.

Updated- sold on because the keeper didn’t stay in place and then buckle dug into my boot.

© Treeless Tried and Tested FlexEE

Freemax Stirrup Leathers


Libra T Bar

Premier Dressage Leathers

Startrekk Leathers

Tekna T Bar – these were just to try. They are actually made for the Tekna saddle and not treeless. I sold because I squeaked. But I had to just try them.

Wintec Slimline leathers



© Barefoot

Barefoot Safety

Break Away – Western



Tried these as they flex. I opted for Cottage Craft but you can go for other makes. Initially I liked them but kept losing them. I am not used to a small tread with just somewhere to put the ball of my foot. Not for us, but ideal with Swiss Clips on the closed ring.

Cottage Craft
© Treeless Tried and Tested Cottage Craft

Flexi Ride

Love these had this type now for about six years. Lightweight and great for your back, ankles etc. I did get my previous pair caught up on a cow gate and got repaired. Treated myself eventually to another pair. When the sticky label comes off as these are left and right, just put a sticker or reflective strip onto your right one.

The cage works having been spun off twice, that’s not part of the testing, but pointless if they don’t free your foot. 🙂

Flexi Ride
© Treeless Tried and Tested Flexi Ride

Matrix Adult

Kwik Out


For children only, these are NOT suitable for adults. They were designed for children and have a weight limit of about 8 stone. If you use and have an accident, the company isn’t at fault. They can bend if they get caught up on a gate.



Soft Tread

Swiss Clips- to enable you to carry on using non safety stirrups. Barnes Bubbles are not made now, but do come up for sale.

Swiss Clips
© Treeless Tried and Tested Swiss Clips


Toe Stoppers- These were my original choice on safety. Just putting these on over my current stirrups. However the only downside was the weight made them front heavy. I found my heels came up and as a result slipped forwards. So just on that basis I did look around for an alternative.

This may not be the case for everyone and I do know people using. I did do a bhs trec in them, so they were tested beyond plod round the block 🙂

Metal caged stirrups
© Metal caged stirrups

I had these at one point, but forget the name just now. 🙂

Treeless Saddle Articles

These are various articles that I have come across over the years. You may find these help you in your choice, or the can I compete, can I jump questions so often heard.

The copyright for all the articles remains with that author.

Let me know if you write or find an article readers of this site may find of interest.

Bareback Pad Links

This section has links to the bareback pads included in the reviews.

Any link not working, please let me know. I do pop through them from time to time, but urls change.

I hope you enjoy your visit 🙂

Bareback Pads 

Barefoot Ride On Pad

Barefoot Fleece Saddle


Best Friend

Christ Lammfelle

Diamond Wool


L Apogee

Libra (Netherlands)

Little Joe

Light Rider (Cynthia Cooper)



Scott Hansen


Stacey Westfall

Straightness Training




Tough One

Tuffy – also Equigrip

Zilco Fleece,  Zilco Cotton


Most bareback companies are on Facebook. You can buy, sell and join the various groups on there if you choose.

You may also find bareback pads in the usual places, Amazon, Ebay and Preloved. If you are selling a pad, get in touch I may want to test ride it.

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