my treeless saddle

Personal account of researching for a treeless.

Part one and two if you follow their links.

The Essential Horse

i do not have a big budget for a saddle. actually i don’t have a saddle budget at all, so when i went out shopping i knew i was going to have to pinch my pennies. luckily my mom gave me her old saddle to sell and that started my saddle fund!

the first saddle i purchased, back when billy was just a two year old, was a Wintec Wide Dressage Saddle. i thought it would be the perfect fit because it has the adjustable gullets, allowing you to change out the gullet as your horse grows and changes. the problem? when billy was two the widest gullet was the one that fit. also, because billy started out with such a dip in his back, the saddle bridged terribly. the more i padded to help with the bridging the taller and more unstable the saddle became!

i had been sitting…

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