Stacy Westfall Horse and Pony Bareback Pad

Stacy Westfall
© Stacy Westfall

Made by Weaver in the USA these pads are gel ultra suede. It looks like suede but has the breathability and added grip. Built in gel and 5/8 felt liner provides cushioning.

With a 100% wool fleece base, cut back wither, fleece girth and nylon bullets these are quality pads.

Personal note. For the price I would expect leather girth billets, that’s just me. 🙂 Some horses find nylon irritating.

Reinsman Tacky Too Horse / Pony Bareback Pad

Reinsman Tacky Too
© Reinsman Tacky Too

These measure 24″ long, 16″ width. The micro suede pad comes in black, blue, purple, red, caramel and brown. The Matrix Herculon top comes in a grey, green, navy or beige pattern.

Contoured with micro suede these have the patented Tacky Too non slip Base. 1/2 thick felt inner make these very comfortable to ride on.

The 34″ cinch is included but from reviews it appears this is too long for most horses.

Autumn Trail Ride 2 – The Bareback Pad

Such an adorable face 🙂

Molly: A Rescue Mule

IMG_0727 Molly with her bareback pad. Fall 2015

Molly and I had a pretty nice weekend. We rode up to the raspberry patch twice, and got to meet new folks each time. Some kids are a little worried by Molly’s size, but these kids all seemed to like her and she did seem to like them.

We also followed C. and her horse Koda on a short trail ride into the woods. Molly goes a bit more easily these days and so everything was going fine until I got concerned about going down a hill and dismounted so that I could hand walk her.

I always knew that someday I’d have to mount in the woods, and usually I use a saddle with stirrups for trail rides. But much of the rest of the time I ride with a bareback pad that has no stirrups. At the barn I use a…

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The Half Tree

I found an interesting article in relation to the half tree.

I do get asked why I don’t include part treed saddles, well it would mess up the title of the site somewhat wouldn’t it 🙂

But I am interested in all types of saddle even if some don’t make it to the site. Those that do not appear are part treed or just inferior workmanship.

The Half Tree for anyone interested.

Light Rider Horse and Pony Bareback Pad

Designed by Cynthia Cooper

Light Rider
© Light Rider, Cynthia Cooper 

These come in a nice selection of colours. Available in synthetic suede and real suede.

These are affordable and fit most types including the high wither types. 16mm thick. Felt lined so it’s recommended that you use a cotton saddle pad underneath. A treeless saddle pad can be used to create a spinal clearance on those lacking in muscle.

A good feature of these is the detachable girth system, so western latigos can be used. Plenty of rings for a breastplate, coat, leadrope etc.

Two sizes-

Ponies and children 16.5″

Regular and adults 20″