Compositi Matrix Stirrup Toe Cages

I have these to try, see how we get on. I do know a lady using these and she finds them ideal. They fit over standard stirrups, you just remove the tread. Underneath these they have two easy to use fixing screws on each.

Probably not the prettiest design out there, but I don’t care much on looks, just if it works, price and ease of use. These come in children and adult sizes.

What safety stirrups do you use and why? let me know and I might do a post on those. If not, why not?

Please be aware that some of the Matrix cages on the market DO NOT FIT THE Compositi PLASTIC STIRRUPS, only the Premium has a removable tread. I have still been unable to get it to fit, so if you can do let me know.

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Matrix Caged Stirrup

Sensation Formal Dressage

I have been trialing my new saddle, the dressage formal model by Sensation.

It’s the 17″ and it’s very nice and compact looking while giving  me ample seat room. The seat is very soft and very comfortable. The girth billets are the slightly shorter dressage length, I swapped my girths around to find one that fitted.

As it has a hard use setting I found if I wasn’t using that, then the extra strap just pops into the girth. I would therefore use a girth with adequate keepers or a girth as in the photo with its own pocket.

I wasn’t overly keen on the high pommel but after half a dozen rides I dont even notice it. It came with a Barefoot Physio pad and adding two inserts meant that I am very slightly higher and therefore the pommel isn’t as huge looking.

I decided I liked it, my horse liked it, but I wanted my riding instructor to run her eyes over it. I wanted to see if it complimented my position, or made it worse. She gave it a tweak here and there and off we went. It gives me much more feel than any of the other models ridden in to date. My Freeform has a restricted seat by comparison.

I have yet to hack out which I plan to. It’s been used for No Stirrup November. My sitting trot has improved by a change of saddle and tweaked position.

The photo shows a soaked horse and pretty much a soaked saddle. I had been trying to keep it dry but the weather is what arrives that morning.

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