Ghost Bareback Pad

Thankfully Christmas had gone by the time I stumbled over these.

Available at various outlets. Each stockist may stock something a bit different. The manufacturer makes these in three colours, brown, black and white and in two sizes. Being available in synthetic or real wool I would hope to find a price difference. I haven’t yet which is a bit disappointing.

You can order the standard or thicker panels depending on your horse. You can have a thigh block and cantle rim, but if you do this you have actually created an Agnello Quevis – it’s cheaper to just order that saddle.

They also have the option to put stirrups on and suggest using a special treeless saddle pad. As I have said previously I don’t recommend anyone does this, get a treeless saddle, it’s got a bit of structure to it. A bareback pad doesn’t girth up as a saddle does, it slips when you mount, it will slip if they spin.


Kifra Saddle Pads

Saddle Pads, gp and western cut.

Available in a variety of colours. Makes a pleasant change from the mundane black or brown. Pads have acquired colour in recent years. If the Equitex pad suits the saddle you can order white, red or blue.

They ship worldwide. Which is good to know. 🙂