The Unbranded Pad

I couldn’t resist a “bargain” if it turns out like that. I don’t do unbranded treeless saddles, I don’t do some branded if myself or others have had significant issues. (A saddle folding in half when mounted is significant!)

So my “bargain” is a bareback pad from my favourite online market place. This one is a black synthetic suede, with synthetic fleece underside. Short English billets with a nice wide fleece and faux suede girth. D rings for breast plate and crupper if required. More D rings for extras.

Stirrups! Whose idea is this! I don’t get why some makes come with them. I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

 © Treeless Tried and Tested 

The pad is actually comfortable to ride in. I changed the girth, you might notice a slight shortness in the photo 🙂 With the added spinal clearance pad underneath it would not even do up. Plus the girth has no keeper for the straps, it takes a company minutes to add  a loop. Bug bear of mine on any Dressage girth, loops please!

The handle is in the wrong place, you are sat on it. The large D rings for your stirrups didn’t get in my way. In fact you could possibly longrein through its the right height. Note I said possibly. This depends on your horse.

They do get sold at £49. It’s not up to my standards to pay that. See above, but with some tweaks the maker has potential to develop this product more.


If you live in the UK, welcome to the country of wet weather.

I discovered these by chance as it goes after my very wide cob became too wide for normal trousers!  The waterproofs on the market currently do not have any stretch where one needs it to. You can buy the Rambo-cotton-lined-full-leg-chaps. These allow you contact with the saddle, but are padded and simply too warm for us.

Rainlegs fill in that gap in the market. Originally designed for cyclists, they are available in six colours and five sizes. Black, white, pure white,  grey, hi viz yellow and camouflage.

I have seen them in use for show jumping and on the hunting field.

They can be purchased via Amazon, who stock two colours currently

Or from Rainlegs directly.