The Fitform Treeless Saddle

These do pop up for sale and some people still like them. I decided to include a bit about them, as they are 12 years old and still looking in good condition.

© Fitform Logo, photo used with permission

They are no longer made but they do give you give you a similar feel to the older Barefoot / Torsion and Randols. No twist.

They have a wooden cantle and pommel like the Torsion does. The pommel came in a medium or wide. These used to be available in leather and ranged from a 16″ to 18″

Whether the Barefoot pommel fits, I can’t say, I don’t know. Barefoot have altered these from white to coloured now. You might be able to try the soft.

I found an article dated 2001. Fitform for anyone interested in a review of one. It mentions two materials, but I honestly can’t recall anything other than leather 🙂

©Fitform, used with owner’s permission



The Trekker, Aussie Model

© Trekker Aussie

This has just been released in February 2016.

It has all the same features as you would expect from a Trekker, the adjustable panels, seat size and pommels. But this model has padded and slightly flexible thigh rolls, unlike other Aussie saddles.

It also has two stirrup bars. Lots of D rings and a unique serial number.

Available in black or brown and comes in two base lengths, standard and short.

Photos used with permission from Trekker. For more information contact



© Trekker Aussie



Grandeur Saddle Pad Colours

The Grandeur saddle pads that fit a variety of treeless saddles are available in pink, blue and purple.

Any stockist can order these in.

The following photographs are used with permission from Horse Connection They are Australian based and are also the exclusive distributors for Ghost.

© Horse Connection,  used with permission
© Horse Connection, used with permission

There’s a horse under that hair!

A lovely horse in the Freeform.


Napping Curly was napping when I went to ride this afternoon.

Despite the snow on the ground, the horses know that it’s spring and are shedding in full force.

Today I had the chance to ride Curly, a Bashkir Curly horse that lives at my barn. I’ll write a separate post on the breed another day, but for the record, they have a lot of hair. Curly hair. Especially in the winter.

Shedding No, that’s not the remains of a small animal on the floor, it’s the hair from grooming one side of Curly.

Curly’s owner is one of the very nice people who have offered me the chance to ride their horses while Freedom is in recovery. More than anyone else, she knows what it’s like to have a horse laid up with a check ligament injury as Curly had one last year — from which she has fully recovered.


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