Acavallo Seat Saver Review — Gel in or Gel out?

Well written review on the acavallo seat saver


When I first started riding again after my accident, I expected my ankle to hurt. I worried my knee would hurt. I felt like I had to protect my body.

What I didn’t expect was that my seat bones would hurt! Let’s face it, before my accident, my rides were pretty active. My weight was in my legs as we were trotting and cantering a lot. During my recovery, I’ve been walking. A lot. I’m out of shape, my horses are out of shape and my legs are still regaining their strength. What I’ve discovered is that my beloved saddles are hard!

I’ve tried seat savers in the past. I’ve owned sheepskin ones, a Cashel seat saver, a Thinline seat saver . . . none of them really worked for me. It was a Goldilocks kind of situation. Some were two thick, which changed the way my saddles fit (making…

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