Treeless Saddle Pad. Inserts / Shims.

These are Barefoot Shims- the pale colour.  I actually bought two and cut one in half. The thinking behind that, I was only needing to support the front and I didn’t need the lift the whole saddle. If that idea failed I had a spare set! It worked.

Now I am not suggesting everyone goes and cuts these in half. However the cost of buying an insert specifically for the front or back can cost the same as the whole pad, it was just an idea. Up to you if you trial and error that idea.

The black is rubber and I do not recall who this is by, it could be the Barefoot rubber but it arrived that short so it might even be a rear lift. ( if you turn them over they fit the front, a temporary solution)


What do you guys use let me know. Do you make your own, if yes where from. I could add to the links for others.

Libra Treeless- Can It Be Sourced?

I know the Libra Saddle brand has ceased, but because I get messsges asking about it, I wondered where else it could be found.

It is possible that the following saddles could be from the same manufacturers. The saddles in the photo look like they are trying to be the original Hackabout/ Explorer.

Pure Rider

But the Status is probably the nearest. This is in Australia and comes with the original zip to remove the pommel and cantle insert.



Christ Lammfelle ‘cloud’ edition

This was released last year by the looks of it. Only one review on their website.


Adjustable seat and knee rolls. Anti rub material to the outside leg panels. Will be the usual beautiful quality as expected from this brand.

Marketed as a bareback pad and to use stirrups. My personal thoughts are to avoid the stirrups altogether.

Saddling Solutions To Close

‘Saddling Solutions will be closing by the end of this year. I’ve really enjoyed helping everyone find the best saddle for them, but my life
situation is such that I just don’t have the time for it any longer. So, we’re selling off all of our remaining stock’ –

Saddling Solutions is an official U.S. importer of the Startrekk treeless saddle line, Deuber Saddlery DP saddle line, and Sensation treeless saddles.

Authorized dealer for Skito saddle pads, Thinline Pads & Accessories, Montana Cincha girths & cinches, Toklat pads, Zilco tack, and JMS sheepskin.

Saddling Solutions