Barefoot Treeless Saddle Fenders – With Knee Rolls


I bought these to try as I spotted them secondhand. In this photo they are in use on the Freeform that doesn’t have any knee rolls.

You can probably use on any treeless without as they simply slide onto your current stirrup leathers, both the wider 2″ and the standard 1″. This product was used on a Trekker and it was also put on the Libra.

The knee roll itself was really comfortable and a decent size after riding without anything. The length was fine for me as I ride long but it wasn’t any good to go up for jumping, the fender was too big. I think the product would work better or at least have more potential if the knee roll was on velcro allowing you to adjust it.

Comes in brown or black. Overall length of Barefoot Fenders with Knee Rolls = 17″
Overall width from front of knee roll to back of fender = 14″

I decided to sell as I just wanted to review.