The ansur comes in ten styles as of 2017-
Enduro, Endeavor, Encore, Elite, Excel, Classic,  Carlton, The Roo, The Westernaire, The Cross Over.

Since 2007 all saddles are made with the Flex core. There is more information on the website.

This saddle comes with a vast array of options.
The Dorsal Supplement pad (or DS) is designed to assist horses with muscle wastage along the top line.
You can also buy replacement parts should you need to.

The Ansur Classic ( non gullet) can have the Deluxe Support System Construction added, either at the start of production or it can be added to older models. This comprises of an adjustable rear thigh support block and a deep, soft and flexible front thigh/knee support, and adjustable shoulder column.

The english style saddles come in the following sizes:

Youth, junior, petite, small and medium.

Western Style saddles are 16, 16 ½, 17, 17 ½, 18, and 18 ½ inches long (measured from back of pommel to cantle)

Please get in touch if you have any reviews, thoughts or photos.

This is a link to reviews you may find interesting.

dressage naturally

Farah Dejohnette

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