Cashel Girth Converters Western and English

These are useful should you wish to change your set up. You can convert either way, English to western or Western to English. Usually these retail at about £30 and can be located directly from Cashel or various worldwide stockists.


Rainlegs New Colour- Reflective

I have the original black with the reflective closure.

They have introduced a reflective pair that shines up in-car headlights. Ideally I don’t plan to be out riding if it’s that dark but on dull days the light grey will show up better than my current black, in combination with the other hi viz garments.



The weather is so changeable in an hour this will be a good addition to your wardrobe. These are great if you are likely to get caught in a light shower and as they are wind proof it keeps your legs that bit warmer.

Available from Amazon and some ebay sellers.


Kavalkade Memory Foam Anatomical Dressage Girth

I bought this to try as I have had great products from Kavalkade before.

This dressage girth is available from 20″ up to 34″, available black. Small d ring at the front to clip any training aids onto to. Plus a small removable strap if you haven’t got the clip attachment.

The memory foam aspect is great as it really moulds to the shape of your horse. Non slip but soft and flexible.

Elasticated at both ends and as a rule I personally don’t like this set up on a treeless saddle. I much prefer the central elastic if I am going to opt for it.

Well thought out keeper positioning. There is also a pocket to place the ends into.

I did try this girth partially over the winter. In order to do a full review I actually need a smaller size. But, what I did note was how well made the product is. On that basis I do want to source a smaller one.

Grandeur Saddle Pad Colours

The Grandeur saddle pads that fit a variety of treeless saddles are available in pink, blue and purple.

Any stockist can order these in.

The following photographs are used with permission from Horse Connection They are Australian based and are also the exclusive distributors for Ghost.

© Horse Connection,  used with permission
© Horse Connection, used with permission

Icelandic Type Safety Stirrups

I got sent these to try from a company, much appreciated, I like to have the opportunity to test items. They are the double bent leg with the top rotated 90 degrees.

I liked the stirrups, they do hang very still and are easy to pick up when I lost one intentionally. They are a nice weight, some on the market I have found very weighty.

I wasn’t able to continue the trial as I have issues with one of my feet. It kept losing the stirrup and slipping round. No reflection on the item.

From what I did see and use I liked them. Just be aware when you run up the stirrups the slots do press into your saddle. There are little stirrup covers on the market now, maybe for this type.

Please note these are left and right specific as are the single bent legs.

Copyright Treeless Tried and Tested



If you live in the UK, welcome to the country of wet weather.

I discovered these by chance as it goes after my very wide cob became too wide for normal trousers!  The waterproofs on the market currently do not have any stretch where one needs it to. You can buy the Rambo-cotton-lined-full-leg-chaps. These allow you contact with the saddle, but are padded and simply too warm for us.

Rainlegs fill in that gap in the market. Originally designed for cyclists, they are available in six colours and five sizes. Black, white, pure white,  grey, hi viz yellow and camouflage.

I have seen them in use for show jumping and on the hunting field.

They can be purchased via Amazon, who stock two colours currently

Or from Rainlegs directly.

Treeless Saddles and Reflective Hi Viz

It’s that time of year when some of you will be thinking of high visibility. I know some of you use all year round, but it’s this time of year that I think to post about it 🙂

So what do you people use? Even if you are using a treed saddle I am still interested. What colours do you opt for, chequered or plain?

High Visibility Saddle Bag
© Treeless Tried and Tested

These days you can pretty much find anything in the common yellow, pink, orange and white. I can confirm that plain white also shows up for those of you who don’t want to wear hi viz. Just by wearing a white shirt and pale jodphurs can help instead of our usual dark colour choice.

For the rider you can buy hat bands, skull cap covers, tabards, jackets, trousers, gloves, glove covers, arm bands and whips.

For the horse, exercise sheets, leg wraps, tail wraps, bridle covers, neck straps, stirrup lights and ear bonnets.

Saddle Bag in the image is from Performance Equestrian.

Treeless Saddle Links

Treeless Saddles-  this is a website list to all the treeless saddles from around the world.


Bandos – no website links. The saddle does come up for sale secondhand from time to time. The Bandos.

© Bandos Pinterest 


Black Forest


Diddi Pad – No current website, but these also pop up for sale


Freeform USA,  Freeform UK

Fitform, not made now. Occasionally found for sale.

Freemax Western


Libra – found on Facebook. Website appears to be down.

Madrid (Barefoot)

Randols – no current website. These are Canadian.

Rebecca Soft Ride





Treefree (Dartmoor and Exmoor)