Bareback Horse and Pony Pad – Best Friend

Best Friend

I have owned the basic one of these for about five years, finally decided to sell as the pony size looked way too small on a horse.

Best Friend
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Hacked out, jumped, done camp, had fun basically.🙂 It’s thin enough that you do not even notice it’s there, but it just gives you a little more comfort than totally bare. I wouldn’t have as a one off, but used regularly, so I justified the cost to myself 😉 Best Friend do a pony and horse size, but I think the horse size is just a bigger cinch that it comes with. Easy to clean.


Best Friend make a Western version and I believe the USA has a bigger range of colours than the UK. Comes in blue, red and green in the UK.

Best Friend Bareback Pad Girth Extender

You can buy an extender if required.

Ansur Treeless Saddle

The ansur comes in varies styles –
Enduro, Endeavor, Westernaire, KonKlusion, Elite, Excel, Classic,Carlton.

This saddle comes with a vast array of options.
The Dorsal Supplement pad (or DS) is designed to assist horses with muscle wastage along the top line.
You can also buy replacement parts should you need to.

The Ansur Classic can have the Deluxe Support System Construction added, either at the start of production or it can be added to older models. This comprises of an adjustable rear thigh support block and a deep, soft and flexible front thigh/knee support, and adjustable shoulder column.

The english style saddles come in the following sizes:

Youth, junior, petite, small and medium.

Western Style saddles are 16, 16 ½, 17, 17 ½, 18, and 18 ½ inches long (measured from back of pommel to cantle)

Ansur Classic
Ansur Classic

Please get in touch if you have any reviews, thoughts or photos.

This is a link to a reviews you may find interesting.

dressage naturally

Farah Dejohnette

Saddle slipping or riding the round barreled horse

Article on girths by a Ansur Distributor.

horse sage

Round bellied Ellie Round bellied Ellie

It wasn’t Ellie, but another round bellied horse. We were having a pleasant hand gallop out on the polo field, and I was just thinking, “oh how nice this is, how lovely this feels”, when there was a rustle in the bushes, and…

 the horse leapt sideways at 90 mph, my saddle slipped, and as my old riding teacher used to say, “he went east, and I went west.”

Darn. It always hurts when I fall off, and I always cry. I just do, from the shock of it. And there was dirt in my mouth, too, because I landed facedown. Yuck.

These days I seem to pick breeds that are, well, low withered and round bellied. The kind that tend to slip saddles unless you stay really, really well balanced in the center of the horse. I usually am fairly well balanced, but sometimes the…

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Treeless saddle reviews by one who has ridden miles in them

horse sage

On the trail with a haflinger  - in a treeless saddle, of course. On the trail with a haflinger – in a treeless saddle, of course.

One thing I’ve discovered: All treeless saddles are not made equal. Some are little more than structured bareback pads, while others have almost as much internal structure as a treed saddle.  It seemed like a good idea to do a followup article sharing what I’ve discovered over the years. If you’d like to add some of your own experience with various treeless saddles and pads, feel free to comment and enrich our discussion!

But first, a few caveats:

1) I am not paid to write these reviews.

2) I currently own three treeless saddle brands but have tried a couple of others

3) I also ride in treed saddles, so I am not a “treeless ONLY!” fanatic. I think they can work really well for some horse and rider combinations; not so well for others.


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Why I sometimes ride Treeless

Interesting read. 🙂

horse sage

Treeless saddles have their fanatical fans and their equally fanatical enemies. As usual, I try to be the voice of reason and practical experience in the middle. Let’s begin by admitting that:

No one size fits all when it comes to saddles. Horses and riders have a wide range of

Ellie in her Ansur Excel treeless saddle, Dressage schooling show. Nice square halt at G. Ellie in her Ansur Excel treeless saddle, Dressage schooling show. Nice square halt at G.

conformations and thus we need different types of saddles.

As we think about saddles, a few questions come to mind.

1) Is a solid tree is required to distribute the rider’s weight? Many will cite Dr. Hillary Clayton’s study on pressure, while others will refute it saying that she did not use the right kind of treeless saddles and pads. To quote from Dr. Clayton’s article, “it should also be noted that the (treeless) saddles in our research study were used without pads (italics added)…

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