Barefoot Ride On Pad Physio Colours

The ride on physio pads now come in more colours. Petrol, berry and royal blue.

I do not know which countries are stocking the new colours, so please contact Barefoot direct.




Grandeur Saddle Pad Colours

The Grandeur saddle pads that fit a variety of treeless saddles are available in pink, blue and purple.

Any stockist can order these in.

The following photographs are used with permission from Horse Connection They are Australian based and are also the exclusive distributors for Ghost.

© Horse Connection,  used with permission
© Horse Connection, used with permission

Barefoot Nottingham

New saddle joining the range. I believe the Notting Hill will cease and this is the updated version.

It has the new three layer vps system which is good for riders who are heavy on their stirrups, and for those who are using it for jumping.

Still available in the standard two sizes. This one has a lovely tobacco brown and black option, or just black.

The saddle is made from leather and Drytex, comes with the Y girthing and adjustable knee rolls.

Copyright Barefoot Nottingham

Can I Compete In A Treeless Saddle?

I get asked this from time to time. The simple answer is yes you can but just be aware of a couple of things.

If you opt for a class where the judge may ride, do not be offended if they decline. In the showing world, tradition is for a treed saddle, if showing if your chosen sport you might like to get one. 🙂

You may be marked down for being in a treeless in the show ring in a less than traditional looking model. Some judges just do not like them. If you want something traditional looking go for a Solution.

BD rules state that you can use a treeless saddle providing it is of a standard design, ie not western looking. If you want something traditional looking go for the Freeform, Barefoot or Sensation Dressage models.

We have had success in the Freeform Classic though. 🙂

2015 championship
              2015 championship

Barefoot Fleece Bareback Treeless Saddle

Barefoot Fleece
© Barefoot Fleece

These have a physio sympanova underside. Made from real sheep wool with large knee rolls and a soft cantle.

This model has the addition of pads that attach with velcro. One pair is cellular rubber and the other a soft pu foam. This creates a spinal clearance.

The girth straps are mounted centrally on skirts and distributes pressure over the whole area. D rings for saddle bags and horse friendly rigging.

0/1 length 51cm

1/2 length 59cms

For small ponies the company suggests the Barefoot Ride On Pad. 🙂

Very tempted by one of these, anyone got a review or photos.

Barefoot Bellis / Lily Treeless Children’s

These saddles come with the Barefoot vps system as adult saddles do.

They are made with a standard wide pommel but you can change this to a flex if needed. Easy clean dry tex, just wipe.

Barefoot Bellis
© Barefoot Bellis, Pinterest

The Bellis is blue and black, the Lily pink and brown, also Available in black.

Reviews and photos wanted 🙂

Bareback Horse and Pony Pad – Best Friend

Best Friend

I have owned the basic one of these for about five years, finally decided to sell as the pony size looked way too small on a horse.

Best Friend
© Treeless Tried and Tested 


Hacked out, jumped, done camp, had fun basically.🙂 It’s thin enough that you do not even notice it’s there, but it just gives you a little more comfort than totally bare. I wouldn’t have as a one off, but used regularly, so I justified the cost to myself 😉 Best Friend do a pony and horse size, but I think the horse size is just a bigger cinch that it comes with. Easy to clean.


Best Friend make a Western version and I believe the USA has a bigger range of colours than the UK. Comes in blue, red and green in the UK.

Best Friend Bareback Pad Girth Extender

I had the pony cinch and with the extender added it will make it up to the horse size.  Black was kept in stock so had that, but blue could have been got.

Tried on today and I am using both of the extenders in order to balance the pad. I only really need the one as I have an 8 inch gap, however that meant one of the buckles was underneath the pony.
Adjusted using both which will enable me to adjust from on board. It also keeps the whole thing symmetrical.

Up to date photo to follow. (Whenever I read this I realise I haven’t)