Christ Lammfelle ‘cloud’ edition

This was released last year by the looks of it. Only one review on their website.


Adjustable seat and knee rolls. Anti rub material to the outside leg panels. Will be the usual beautiful quality as expected from this brand.

Marketed as a bareback pad and to use stirrups. My personal thoughts are to avoid the stirrups altogether.

Horse and Pony Bareback Pad – Christ Lammfelle

This is the CHRIST Lammfelle Basic/Standard Bareback Pad.

Christ Lammfelle
Christ Lammfelle

The Merino Lambskin Bareback pad provides enough padding to protect your horses back whilst giving that bareback riding experience. The closeness to the horse produces a strong bond in which the warmth and the movements of the horse can be pleasantly felt.
The cantle and tiny pommel gives you a secure feeling without taking the bareback freedom and feel away, the padding is to protect the horses back and is comfortable for the rider. Your legs are still totally free to hang either side.
Strong loop at front of pad to aid balance if required. D rings on the front of the pad to attach breast plate if required. Like other bareback pads, it is not usually used with stirrups, however stirrup leathers can be attached to strong metal D rings on the bareback pads. You should however not mount using the stirrups.

The size of the Bareback pad will not actually affect your horse/pony as it is treeless, totally flexible and has no pressure points. The size of pad is determined by the rider, rather than the size of horse/pony.

This pad is ideal for breaking in of horses, sensitive backed horses, children who are being taught to get a good riding position, and all fields of natural horsemanship and just for sheer bareback riding pleasure. Many RDA groups use them.

This pad is a full size on a cob.

Christ Lammfelle
Christ Lammfelle


This is a stunning horse modelling the bareback pad, you can attach a breast collar if required. It has a steady handle and d rings for stirrups. It takes a standard size treeless or dressage girth.


Iberican in black.  Comment from: Safy [Visitor]

I have one of these and love it. Super comfy and my horse his really well in it too. It supports you in all the right places. I have done tail riding, a few small jumps and dressage schooling in it.