Dream Treeless Saddle


The above saddle was the original prototype that was made before the launch. I had it to test ride when Dream contacted me. It came with the Equitex pad,  girth and Barnes Buckle.

The only alterations between that and the eventual saddle, was the cantle was lowered.

I got on really well with it. It was a secure feeling saddle and I would have one if I could justify that I needed two treeless for my needs. Though every cob needs two don’t they. 🙂

Colour I personally prefer the brown, the black does appear to suffer with sun bleach. I realise as saddles gets used etc they can discolour, however my Freeform is 7years old and hasn’t changed at all. My only minor point on this otherwise well made item.


I use my 17″ saddle with the Equitex HW pad or the Dream Universal Square. I have used it on various horses including a 20 year old tbx that was cold backed. A 15.2hh cobx that was very wide! We went hunting and xc in the Dream.



The young 5yr old I had on loan was a cobxtb, the saddle allowed for his changing shape and I went hunting, xc, local showing dressage and the Blenheim fun ride.
I now have a 16hh tb ex racer, who has been off work for over a year, so I started him treeless in the Dream.

I have had a Dream Team for 3 years now. It is so comfortable, but it has slipped round during a fast spin on a newly broken horse, although the recommended saddle pad was being used and the girth was tight. Mind you, I think that any treeless would have slipped!

I would recommend it for normal horses, but for young or spooky horses I now use my ‘HP Australian Stock Saddle’ as it does not slip and is very secure.
I use the Dream Team as the first saddle that I put on them as it is so light and comfortable for the horse.
All in all I would say that it is the best treeless I have tried and I have tried quite a few.

Treeless Saddle By Echo


I’ve just purchased the new Dream Saddle for my 3 year old NF/Warmblood cross.

I’d looked at quite a lot of treeless saddles as conventional saddles didn’t look like they were going to fit him in his present state (no withers, flat backed and still growing!).

I like the more traditional design of the new Dream Saddle.

Dream were very helpful, wanted lots of pictures of him before recommending the saddle/pad/girthing combination they thought would be best.

Saddle arrived yesterday and I shot down the yard with it to put on him. Also managed to get a “test ride” on it on my friends NF. It DOES feel really wide, but that is common in all treeless I think, particularly on wide horses, but it was very comfortable and felt very secure. I think it will be better once it’s settled to my and his shape, even though the leather is lovely the soft it still feels very “new” and stiff at the moment.

He’s off for backing in September so I’ll let you know how it goes!


I posted a while ago about the new Dream Team saddle that I’d ordered for backing my youngster. He’s now in his last week at the backing yard and I have ridden in the Dream Saddle a couple of times.

I have to say it is a lovely saddle. I am still getting used to the fact that it looks so BIG on him, but as with most treeless they are a little longer than conventional saddles and the skirt on the Dream Team Saddle are quite long, so not best suited to those with short legs! As you can see from the picture it’s not too bad for myself and him as my legs are quite long on him.

The saddle is great, hasn’t slipped and I think will only get better as it moulds to his shape. It is really secure, having knee rolls and so ideal for riding a green horse, plus the deep seat makes you feel pretty safe too. My RI mounted from the floor in it quite happily (I’m a little older and less springy so I used a mounting block), but it hardly moved.

Its ridden with Dream Team’s own pad which is very nice and has the gullet in it. I do have a Barefoot Cherokee coming on trial soon just as a comparison, but at present I’m loving the dream team!”

I have 2 Dream Team saddles and they are great. I have had other makes before but these are the best I have tried. The horses like them too. I have backed youngsters, ridden them out in them for the first time and they are so secure. Vicky

I have a very wide, flat backed welsh sec d x with a huge shoulder who has always been very difficult to fit, at one point I had 2 decent treed saddles to fit him, a gp and a dressage saddle that were professionally fitted and we were both happy with. However in the summer of 2008 he had an accident and was off work for a few months, ever since then no treed saddle has been quite right and I was starting to despair. My mum got a libra saddle to try early last year for her arab who is still developing muscle and suggested I try it on my horse, she put it on him anyway and rode him herself. The difference in his way of going was immediate – his movement was free, he was going forwards nicely, he looked soft and just happy so I gave it a go and I had a different horse on my hands. In the last year he has become a different horse to ride, he is so easy and he loves his schooling again, we have both made lots of progress with our dressage and even hacking out he seems much happier, he is better behaved and I feel more secure. Last year was the first time since I got him that he had no problems with his back, he was nicely muscled and more even than he has ever been so I decided to do some research and buy myself a good quality leather treeless one which is when I came across the Dream Team range. I liked how it looked like a conventional saddle but the seat is in between a conventional saddle and a treeless one and I can honestly say it is the comfiest thing I have ever sat on, the seat is soft and spongy, im not sure if it is filled with memory foam but it feels that way. The leather is of excellent quality, its soft and supple and feels like it will last a lifetime and the underside is thick and luxurious wool which must be lovely on the horses back. It has a built in gullet to give room above the horses spine, i have tried other treeless saddles like this and felt somewhat perched on top of the horse but the Dream saddle settles quickly and molds to the horses shape so you feel nice and close and ‘with’ the horse. The saddle is specified for ‘jumping and hacking’ but i plan to use it for everything, mainly flatwork schooling for which it is more than suitable and puts you in a good position, although I have not yet jumped in it I feel secure and comfortable enough in it to do so and the knee rolls are velcro so you can move them to suit or remove them altogether. The saddle looks really good, im sure it will look much better when I get my horse back into work and get rid of his belly. I would be very interested in buying a straighter cut/dressage version when they are available as I concentrate more on dressage than anything else and a straighter cut would look better on my horse but that’s just being picky. This is a really good quality saddle which I bought at the introductory price but it is easily worth more, I am really happy with it and so is my horse along with everyone else on the yard who were as eager to have a shot of it as I was. I was also really impressed with the service I received from the staff at Dream Team products who were very helpful, friendly and informative and I even received my saddle the day after it was ordered despite the weather and being at the opposite end of the country so I really can’t recommend them highly enough. Thanks, Adele

Launch of Dream Information

Dream Team Products, the Specialists in treeless saddles, launches its own saddle! DREAM SADDLE – A Treeless Saddle with English flaps; Knee rolls at a Dream Price. Jack and Karen, the saddle testers.

A TREELESS SADDLE specially designed for Hacking and Jumping: Over ten years experience with Italian made Torsion treeless saddles has led Dream Team Products to design their own saddle. Bringing the proven designs of a Torsion style seat together with English style flaps, combining optimal fit for the horse and maximum comfort for the rider. This saddle not only has features that an active rider asks for but also has a price to dream of. This saddle features everything a treeless saddle enthusiast enjoys plus English flaps & Knee rolls. • A flexible saddle offering highest comfort level for horse and rider • Very affordable as it changes shape, either from one horse to another or • It changes shape with your horse’s level of training • Quality leather and workmanship – soft already from the first ride • Combines best design features for comfort and looks • Soft padded cushioning and a Torsion style pommel provides a Feel-Save-Seat • Traditional, English looking flaps with removable knee rolls • Dressage style girth straps for closer leg contact • Available in 16” or 17”, black or brown soft calf leather The DREAM SADDLES will be available directly from DREAM TEAM PRODUCTS. With over ten years experience with treeless saddles, the team at DREAM TEAM PRODUCTS is more than happy to help you choose the right accessories for your horse/pony. They have increased the choice of dressage style girths and will be able to offer a budget girth from £20 to the best-you-can-buy Torsion girth for £99, and various good alternatives in between. A special DREAM PAD designed by Equitex, Italian’s specialist for treeless pads, will be available for the DREAM SADDLE in two styles. An already well known High Wither style and a Standard Flat Backed style. These Pads have been specially shaped and designed to suit the DREAM SADDLE. Help is on hand assessing which style Pad would be more suitable for your horse or pony. As usual the staff at DREAM TEAM PRODUCTS can assist you in making an informed decision. DREAM TEAM PRODUCTS – the Specialists for treeless Saddles For more information visit our Web site on www.dreamteamproducts.com or contact us on 08450 725 765

Treeless Saddles

Interesting read, however just to clarify this site doesn’t include the HM range as it is part treed, The Contact hasn’t found its way in my tack room to be tested.
Wintec doesn’t make treeless.

Pat Voisey

All the horses in the pictures above are wearing Treeless Saddles .

Treeless saddles have been around in some form or another for almost as long as horses have been ridden. They most certainly are not new.

There are a great many treeless saddles on the market, made of a variety of materials and in a wide variety of styles.

There is one important fact that I think it is important to remember , the best saddle for your horse is the one that fits him , in every aspect.

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