Ghost Quevis by Elaine Heney

I have been given permission to add this review of the Ghost saddle below. Elaine has also written a detailed report on the differences between this saddle and two others, the Barefoot and the Deuber.

Ghost Quevis

So far I have seen many positive reviews on these saddles. The odd one is coming up on the second hand market, some people have as many saddles as they do rugs 🙂

Many thanks Elaine for allowing me to link to your review.


Ghost Bareback Pad

Thankfully Christmas had gone by the time I stumbled over these.

Available at various outlets. Each stockist may stock something a bit different. The manufacturer makes these in three colours, brown, black and white and in two sizes. Being available in synthetic or real wool I would hope to find a price difference. I haven’t yet which is a bit disappointing.

You can order the standard or thicker panels depending on your horse. You can have a thigh block and cantle rim, but if you do this you have actually created an Agnello Quevis – it’s cheaper to just order that saddle.

They also have the option to put stirrups on and suggest using a special treeless saddle pad. As I have said previously I don’t recommend anyone does this, get a treeless saddle, it’s got a bit of structure to it. A bareback pad doesn’t girth up as a saddle does, it slips when you mount, it will slip if they spin.


Ghost Treeless Saddle

I have a 13hh New Forest pony, with a fairly flat, short back, and virtually no withers. This has made it very difficult to find a saddle that fits her, and I have had problems with every treedsaddle


I’ve tried. Having thought about it for several years, I finally decided to give treeless a go after a nasty fall out hacking, when my pony shied at some cows and spun round, causing my saddle to slip sideways and dump me on the ground at speed.

After a great deal of research and review reading, I decided to trial a Ghost standard. I feel that I’ve found the solution to my fitting problems. Virtually every aspect of the Ghost is adjustable, including seat size, panel position, stirrup position and girth position. You can even buy different seats, without needing a whole new saddle, if you fancy a change of colour or style. Use of the right pads (I am using the Ghost pad with Thinline pad) means the saddle doesn’t slip, and I have even popped a couple of small jumps in it with no problems. It is an extremely comfortable saddle, much more so than any of my treed ones have been, and I felt I could have ridden all day on a recent hack. We have walked, trotted, cantered, galloped with no problems, and it’s so nice to feel secure at speed!

My pony is moving much more freely, and is no longer tense and hollow during transitions. She no longer objects to being saddled either, so it seems to have her stamp of approval. Because it is so adjustable, I have also tried the Ghost on my 15.3 hh youngster. She is only lightly backed so we haven’t given it a thorough testing together, but she seemed very happy in it too. She has a good set of withers, and we had no problems with wither clearance at all.

Overall, I feel the Ghost is excellent value for money – highly adjustable, suitable for use on a range of horses, and very comfortable for the rider. I have to add that customer service from is second to none, very patient and friendly. Thank you to them for helping to solve my saddling problems!