Horse and Pony Bareback Pad – Hilason Draft

Hilason Draft Bareback Pad

© Hilason Draft Pad

This pad is well made and comes from Ohio USA. Believed to be Hilason.

It comes in horse or draft sizes and is surprisingly heavy in the draft size. It is a biscuit colour, but the newer types are a deep tan.


It is made from suede leather, edged with fleece, and has a fleece underside. It is well padded being roughly 1inch thick. It comes with a matching cinch with two rings for the breastplate / harness. Girth straps are nylon billet.
This model comes with stirrups which are also nylon billet, but they can be removed. I never advise people to use stirrups with pads. It also comes with the usual handle at the front.

I changed the cinch and breastplate due to slipping issues in canter. It is pictured on an Irish Cob with Shire in, so very very round. I have to say even on the 16hh draft it looked way too long! They seriously don’t need it to be as long as it is, the horse size is sufficient to be honest, even with a size 18 /20 rider.
Still with slipping issues in canter it was sold. I just think it was too big in size to be secure, the pad though was excellent quality. I even shortened it, no change. So if you spot a shortened one-I did that 🙂

Bareback Horse and Pony Pad – Hilason Western

Hilason Western

I really like this pad, but it doesn’t sit right on my pony which must be his shape. My friend rode in it with her pony and it looked much better. Both are similar size but just different backs.

This is a handmade bareback saddle pad consisting of pressed wool felt base with soft-top breathable suede leather. The combination of wool and leather offers greater durability, grip, stability and elegant look. It has a contoured shape to fit the horse’s back, providing a superior fit and appearance. It also has additional memory foam cushioning in the wither area for added comfort to the horse and eliminates soreness and pressure points.

Sold to my friend as it just didn’t sit well. Shame as it was comfortable.

© Treeless Tried and Tested

Hilason Western Treeless Saddle

Hilason saddles are designed to fit almost every type of horse! All the saddles I’ve had i’ve bought from them, they all fit my Arabian Mare perfectly. The leather is just perfect! The quality is outstanding and I love the feeling of it when I’m riding it. I’ve ridden it so many times and it also seems like my horse loves it. Everything is just perfectly in place and i was really happy by the quality that it was made. I’ve tried other companies as well but honestly i really like Hilason the best. The leather is really comfortable and very durable.

As for their prices, its unbeatable. I was surprised how such good of a saddle didn’t have sky-high prices.

I really like Hilason and now I don’t buy anything else.