USA Western Bareback Pad- brand unknown


If anyone has an idea who made this please let me know. It was purchased from a seller in New York but it may or may not have started out in the states.

It is 22″ in length with a nice straight cut front. It has a sympanova type non slip base and a herculon top with Black Southwest/Nevada pattern. The top gives you a fairly secure feel to it. Lightly padded so ideal for those slightly rounder, plump cob steeds as it doesn’t remove your leg from them.

Optional fittings to add stirrups that I don’t like seeing on these products. Didn’t even attempt to use these.

Western latigo with rings requiring you to use a cinch knot as oppose to allowing you to add a standard buckle cinch. Nylon strap. This is the one big thing that let’s this pad down. Having those rings there ended up being underneath my leg.

However this is going to depend on your height, what you are riding and whether in the flat or hills. Having hills this was one reason to let this pad go, plus I already had another.


The Unbranded Pad

I couldn’t resist a “bargain” if it turns out like that. I don’t do unbranded treeless saddles, I don’t do some branded if myself or others have had significant issues. (A saddle folding in half when mounted is significant!)

So my “bargain” is a bareback pad from my favourite online market place. This one is a black synthetic suede, with synthetic fleece underside. Short English billets with a nice wide fleece and faux suede girth. D rings for breast plate and crupper if required. More D rings for extras.

Stirrups! Whose idea is this! I don’t get why some makes come with them. I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

 © Treeless Tried and Tested 

The pad is actually comfortable to ride in. I changed the girth, you might notice a slight shortness in the photo 🙂 With the added spinal clearance pad underneath it would not even do up. Plus the girth has no keeper for the straps, it takes a company minutes to add  a loop. Bug bear of mine on any Dressage girth, loops please!

The handle is in the wrong place, you are sat on it. The large D rings for your stirrups didn’t get in my way. In fact you could possibly longrein through its the right height. Note I said possibly. This depends on your horse.

They do get sold at £49. It’s not up to my standards to pay that. See above, but with some tweaks the maker has potential to develop this product more.

Reinsman Tacky Too Horse / Pony Bareback Pad

Reinsman Tacky Too
© Reinsman Tacky Too

These measure 24″ long, 16″ width. The micro suede pad comes in black, blue, purple, red, caramel and brown. The Matrix Herculon top comes in a grey, green, navy or beige pattern.

Contoured with micro suede these have the patented Tacky Too non slip Base. 1/2 thick felt inner make these very comfortable to ride on.

The 34″ cinch is included but from reviews it appears this is too long for most horses.

Diamond Wool Horse and Pony Bareback Pad

Diamond Wool
 © Diamond Wool

These are available in black, green, navy and chocolate. Suede top with wool felt underneath.

Cut back for a comfortable fit, hand hold and front d rings for breastplate, not stirrups. Hidden western cinch.

My only point to note is these are huge! Measuring in at 25″ I am not too sure who they think will be sitting on board. In case inches are not your thing it’s just over 2ft. I have included this brand as my friend loves hers and I have seen a photo in use on a quarter horse and actually it didn’t look too bad. But for anyone with a short coupled type or a large pony, I would say it will look out-of-place.

Zoe Snape Saddle Pad

The Zoe Snape saddle pad is designed specifically for Shetlands. Available in three colours Havana, Black or Chestnut.

It ranges from 12.5″ for ponies under 34″ and toddlers, up to 16.5″ which is special order. This is for larger breeds who may have saddle fitting problems.

It is straight cut and ideal for showing.

Photos and reviews welcome.

Horse and Pony Bareback Pad – Baretek


It looks like a saddle, and is saddle shaped in that it has a cut back head and contoured shape that follows the shoulder. You could sort of say WH style? The cantle is useful for going uphill but having it almost supports your bottom anyway. The knee rolls were the first thing that appeared to be useful for the downhill, as well as keeping my leg a bit more classical placed. (Much the annoyance of said legs!) They are used to going more forwards and were having bit of discussion with the knee rolls, that are not moveable.

It’s suede so very secure and lovely and comfortable, you almost think your on a saddle, but there is no option for stirrups. There is also no steady handle on the front that you get with other pads. Although i don’t use this it’s odd to hack out knowing there isnt one.

Photo shows this on the Dream Team pad with a Roamer girth.

31982-1272022682-6cc91179ef1e927263c9523c4595dfbdI rode in the pad for about two hours, but for schooling you may only want it for maybe an hour. For hacking out, please check your insurance before you do this.

Horse and Pony Bareback Pad – Libra

Libra Fleece Pad

I’ve ridden out in it twice, it’s sooooo comfy. I’ve got the pony/cob size and it looks ok on a 14hh middleweight. I used a German girth with air pockets. Libra do a nice girth to match the pad though. It has a nice cantle and pommel of which the inner can be removed. The pommel and the cantle adds to the feeling of security. There is a steady handle should you want it and two d rings, i popped my saddle bag onto one. I’ve not used with stirrups and the closed ring didn’t get in the way, i’d prefer to put a pad underneath for spinal clearance before i rode with stirrups. Normally it’s advised not to mount from the ground with these pads, so i imagine the stirrups are just to place the foot and not for standing up in, for rising trot.

For more information check the links.

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