Kifra Saddle Pads

Saddle Pads, gp and western cut.

Available in a variety of colours. Makes a pleasant change from the mundane black or brown. Pads have acquired colour in recent years. If the Equitex pad suits the saddle you can order white, red or blue.

They ship worldwide. Which is good to know. 🙂

English Leather Saddle Pad, Thorn

These are designed to suit the extra wide native, flat backed cob, Shetland or large hard to fit pony.

They are available from a 12″ up to 18″ and the designs are-

Standard –  flat seat no knee rolls

Deluxe – cantle block, knee rolls. Extra deep can be added for jumping.

Deluxe plus as above but with thigh rolls.

I am looking for reviews and photos of these as the website mentions these being suitable for all disciplines, not just showing. From memory the Pony Club only allow their approved saddles. If I took one of these to a show would I be allowed? If I wanted one for everyday use would I create pressure points under the stirrup bar?

Ultra ThinLine Half pad REVIEW

Some people find these work with treeless as an extra layer.

Tofino Tack

My horse has been suffering from chronic back pain since before i got him. I custom made a prestige saddle for him (i’ll do a review on that soon!) and did some deep research into half pads that assist with shock absorbing and reducing sore spots.

I came across this ultra thinline pad in natural colour and medium size (fits to 17.5″ saddles) which i decided to order from the Thinline website


I must say, this pad has helped immensely in my horses  movement and i felt a great difference with his attitude too!

It is super thin, doesn’t really alter a saddles fit (if you use a thin saddle pad), and the sheepskin rolls are very flattering:

photo 2-6thinline pad

*Please note that the saddle in these pictures is NOT my prestige, but an old unnamed brand*

Trifecta: Cotton Ultra ThinLine Half Pad with Sheepskin Rolls is an open cell foam pad with…

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Gel-Eze Saddle Pads; The Innovation!

Equineman's Blog

gel eze

In 1999, scant scientific research had taken place to assess the forces applied to a horse’s back when ridden, and the benefits of saddle pads were poorly understood; yet equestrian wholesaler Stephen Biddlecombe was convinced that an innovative gel product had a place in the equestrian marketplace to help protect horses’ backs and offer shock absorption. The Gel-Eze brand began its development that year, and launched three years later after significant research. It is now exported to over 35 countries worldwide by UK-based manufacturer World Wide Tack

Technology has advanced a great deal in the last twenty years, allowing the equestrian industry to develop some outstanding products and to study the equine sports horse in greater detail.

Stephen of World Wide Tack says…

“As our range of gel-based under saddle pads has developed, we have been able to add products that include strategically-placed cushions of gel, so the numnah…

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