Can I Compete In A Treeless Saddle?

I get asked this from time to time. The simple answer is yes you can but just be aware of a couple of things.

If you opt for a class where the judge may ride, do not be offended if they decline. In the showing world, tradition is for a treed saddle, if showing if your chosen sport you might like to get one. 🙂

You may be marked down for being in a treeless in the show ring in a less than traditional looking model. Some judges just do not like them. If you want something traditional looking go for a Solution.

BD rules state that you can use a treeless saddle providing it is of a standard design, ie not western looking. If you want something traditional looking go for the Freeform, Barefoot or Sensation Dressage models.

We have had success in the Freeform Classic though. 🙂

2015 championship
              2015 championship

Zoe Snape Saddle Pad

The Zoe Snape saddle pad is designed specifically for Shetlands. Available in three colours Havana, Black or Chestnut.

It ranges from 12.5″ for ponies under 34″ and toddlers, up to 16.5″ which is special order. This is for larger breeds who may have saddle fitting problems.

It is straight cut and ideal for showing.

Photos and reviews welcome.

English Leather Saddle Pad, Thorn

These are designed to suit the extra wide native, flat backed cob, Shetland or large hard to fit pony.

They are available from a 12″ up to 18″ and the designs are-

Standard –  flat seat no knee rolls

Deluxe – cantle block, knee rolls. Extra deep can be added for jumping.

Deluxe plus as above but with thigh rolls.

I am looking for reviews and photos of these as the website mentions these being suitable for all disciplines, not just showing. From memory the Pony Club only allow their approved saddles. If I took one of these to a show would I be allowed? If I wanted one for everyday use would I create pressure points under the stirrup bar?