Freeform Scout Trail/ Endurance

This treeless was developed at the end of 2015.

You have two seat lengths and three fork size options. The fork is forward and is actually part of the base and not the seat.

It accommodates the panels if needed and has a slightly narrower twist than the Ultimate Trail. This model has the option of bolsters if you really really want a narrow twist. Deep secure seat as found in the Ultimate Trail.

This model has the new full girthing system.

Also Freeform have redone the foam in the Skito pads designed for Freeform use.


Skito Bareback Horse and Pony Pad

These are made in two styles. The regular peak at 24″ long and the high Peak also 24″ long.

Breast collar, crupper rings and handle.

Best feature is the 100% wool with the “Tacky” seat. Between these two is the Skito foam making these pads very comfortable.