Libra Treeless- Can It Be Sourced?

I know the Libra Saddle brand has ceased, but because I get messsges asking about it, I wondered where else it could be found.

It is possible that the following saddles could be from the same manufacturers. The saddles in the photo look like they are trying to be the original Hackabout/ Explorer.

Pure Rider

But the Status is probably the nearest. This is in Australia and comes with the original zip to remove the pommel and cantle insert.



Barefoot Treeless, Merlyn

The new model for Barefoot is the Merlyn. This is a dressage model with extra short flaps for the cob, smaller horse or the short legged rider.

Very smart design in a soft leather, soft knee rolls, lower cantle and deep seat.

Narrow seat- twist that allows more contact for the rider. Adjustable S curve stirrup plate to allow the precise positioning of the leathers for the rider. This is an open attachment, similar to the E bar design not used on Barefoot, but an S shape. This might mean you do not require a safety stirrup as with the closed rings, but I am awaiting confirmation on this point.


No Stirrup November, With A Treeless Saddle

Anyone having a go at this treed or treeless?

Share your thoughts, experiences and photos if you happen to be treeless. Always looking for photos etc 🙂

I won’t be doing the whole month as I haven’t started it yet, but I do ride bareback a lot so for me I will just add a saddle.

My only problem is what one to choose 🙂

Treeless Photos Wanted

Always looking for your lovely treeless saddle photos.

The following are welcomed from

Ansur, Bandos, Barefoot,  Black Forest, Cashel, Diddi Pad, Ez Fit, Ghost, Dream, Libra, Freeform, Freemax Western, Randols, Rebecca Soft Ride, Torsion, Treefree, Solution, Sensation, Startrekk and Trekker.

If you have a saddle that’s not on the list get in touch as it may not be on the list get in touch anyway. Some though are below my standard.


So many saddles

What make is it?

Calamity Cobs

Nothing fits….

None of Onyx’s old saddles fit her any more.

None of Laurel’s saddles fit her.

None of the mass collection of saddles I have collected over the years fit.

Onyx seems to have got very wide in her time off. I know she will change shape as she loses weight and goes back into work but right now nothing I own fits her comfortably.

But thank god for crazy pony friends. Jess (the bestest pony friend) has leant us her treeless saddle, which fits! As a rule I’m not a fan of treeless saddles but love this one at the moment.

Onyx seems to like it and is happy for me to sit on her with it, although I hate having so much saddle under my leg (hope that makes sense), but Onyx’s comfort is far more important than mine.

Now we have a saddle that fits and…

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Gel-Eze Saddle Pads; The Innovation!

Equineman's Blog

gel eze

In 1999, scant scientific research had taken place to assess the forces applied to a horse’s back when ridden, and the benefits of saddle pads were poorly understood; yet equestrian wholesaler Stephen Biddlecombe was convinced that an innovative gel product had a place in the equestrian marketplace to help protect horses’ backs and offer shock absorption. The Gel-Eze brand began its development that year, and launched three years later after significant research. It is now exported to over 35 countries worldwide by UK-based manufacturer World Wide Tack

Technology has advanced a great deal in the last twenty years, allowing the equestrian industry to develop some outstanding products and to study the equine sports horse in greater detail.

Stephen of World Wide Tack says…

“As our range of gel-based under saddle pads has developed, we have been able to add products that include strategically-placed cushions of gel, so the numnah…

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Treeless saddle reviews by one who has ridden miles in them

horse sage

On the trail with a haflinger  - in a treeless saddle, of course. On the trail with a haflinger – in a treeless saddle, of course.

One thing I’ve discovered: All treeless saddles are not made equal. Some are little more than structured bareback pads, while others have almost as much internal structure as a treed saddle.  It seemed like a good idea to do a followup article sharing what I’ve discovered over the years. If you’d like to add some of your own experience with various treeless saddles and pads, feel free to comment and enrich our discussion!

But first, a few caveats:

1) I am not paid to write these reviews.

2) I currently own three treeless saddle brands but have tried a couple of others

3) I also ride in treed saddles, so I am not a “treeless ONLY!” fanatic. I think they can work really well for some horse and rider combinations; not so well for others.


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