Icelandic / Soft


Photo shows incorrect pad, this was just to keep the saddle clean, not to use.


This saddle is known under various names depending on what part of the world you are in, hence why its in the title.

First imprrssions-well made, good quality. Generous seat area with overall length of base being a 22″. This is a medium size, equates to a size 2, or those people that would need a 17/17.5″ treed.

It is ideal for adults on short backed ponies and cobs, although this particular model has the 22″ base, due to the design the cantle and skirt is so soft it isn’t going to cause any pressure to your mount. In fact it looked small on a 14hh cob!This saddle has a nice shape with soft flaps allowing maximum leg contact for the rider. This is particularly of great benefit if you have a wider horse or pony, it enabled me to get my round on the horse due to the close contact slim flaps.

It is made of Nappa leather, the extra soft end of the seat enhances softness and suppleness in your horse. There is no risk of a hard cantle pressing down at the end of the seat as the padding is designed to be soft for the horse and soft for the rider. You can squeeze the cantle and the end skirt with D ring is also very soft. I didn’t actually notice I had no actual cantle.

While suitable for all horse types, the soft nature of this treeless is particularly suited for horses with short backs, sway backs, high croups and dippy backs. It is also ideally designed for the gaited horse such as the Icelandic and I would feel it was a good choice for the cob type action to.

It has two closed rings for a choice of stirrup position. You can use the double ended t bar or if you prefer you could use slim dressage leathers with a reverse buckle. In the photo that’s just bog standard leathers to test the saddle out. I didn’t notice the buckle but personally slimmer leathers just add to your comfort-also I would opt for black!

Second ride-moved the seat a tiny fraction forwards, that was actually better for me than yesterday. Felt more with the horse. The pommel has its uses being fairly high in that the reins sit nicely behind it if you don’t want to hold them, or if you want to get off for any reason they do stay behind it.

Its used by the Riding For The Disabled and this particular saddle was gifted to The. conquest centre

Close contact
Close contact

Torsion GP

Ridden at all paces including a 10 mile hack, beach ride and jumping up to 2ft3 stirrups fitted reverse.

This saddle has the closed ring, which is a personal choice whether you like it or not, i always use safety stirrups so this is not an issue for me. The length of the girth straps are realistic and not excess like some makes on the market, also covered and not just webbing.
Excellent quality soft italian leather, good overall finish. However this saddle i didn’t find as comfortable as some i’ve had. Due to the size of the pommel i would say it fits up to a med/wide horse, it was too narrow for xwide across the front, there are no options to put another pommel insert in, this is disappointing.

Overall good saddle just not for us.

BE and BD approved models, double check with your judge for a show with a ride judge, they may decline.

Torsion with Skito pad


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