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Dream GP Treeless

Dream with Nummed Hi wither numnah

This is the brown 17″ Dream that I bought last year. I love the knee rolls, they are really comfortable for riding a little shorter. I have done some hacking, jumping and hill work.

I describe these as Gp style but you can see that it would support you for jumping as well.

I had a Barefoot Treeless pad underneath initially but this was way too thick on my wide cob. So trialing the Nummed which is non slip on both sides and appears to sit on fine.

It hasn’t slipped with either pad.

Challenger Bareback Pad

Based in the USA I havent come across this one before. I have contacted the company for more information, and if they have any reviews or photos that I can use.

They stock 23 different models, by Challenger, Professional Equine and Pro RiderUSA.

These range from the fleece botton and non slip bottom with various sizes from youth 23″ and Western 28″.

Bourbon’s first ride… — Simple Southern

Today was the best day! As far as we know, rescue horse Bourbon has only been ridden once. He pulled a cart for the Amish his whole life so, at some point, someone has probably sat on him, but he doesn’t know anything about being a riding horse. His foster family has been doing groundwork […]

Bourbon’s first ride… — Simple Southern

a lovely write up about an amiss horse being backed

Barefoot Ride On

I bought this pad recently to try after deciding to sell on the Best Friend Comfort.

The points I like so far.

You can use your own short girth. I already have a few that the pony likes, so I can swap around to see which works best for us. I didn’t get along as well with the Comfort girth with the last pad.

It is already high withered in shape. So this should give us the clearance.

I opted for the smaller pony size, I thought this would prevent the excess pad you often end up with behind your bottom.

INTRODUCING the New Saddle Pad from Freeform — Saddle Up Treeless Saddles

This new saddle pad is built for both treeless and treed saddles. It has a wonderful high wither relief, Sympanova backing, and 100% polyester air net fabric on the top. The materials permit improved breathability. It is amazing how well air flows through, helping to keep your horse’s back cool and provide comfort even during […]

INTRODUCING the New Saddle Pad from Freeform — Saddle Up Treeless Saddles

friends and companions — On the loose

Yesterday I loaded Tarma up (we’re down to under five minutes with plenty of side eye and resentful alfalfa snatching once aboard) and drove up to my friend’s house for pony pedicure day. The farrier was late, as he saves this barn for last. We don’t mind as it gives us time to play in […]

friends and companions — On the loose

This blog posts about the Brockamp bareback pad, it is available in a lot of different colours and the blue that is shown here caught my eye.

Wintec Chafeless Dressage Girth

This girth has elastic through the centre, allowing the whole girth to mould with your horses shape. It means that the pressure is being evenly distributed.

It has a curved shape to reduce pinching behind the elbow. And being made from a durable wipe clean synthetic material, it is also easy to care for. It is ideal in summer as it is sweat reducing.

Comes in black or brown with two keepers to tuck the excess girth strap through.

This came with a recent saddle purchase and I have briefly girthed it up.

Photos and more info to follow.

The Sunday Review: Best Friends Bareback Pad — The Green Horseman

Hey everyone! As I mentioned at the end of last week’s article I mentioned I had been running behind in my reviews. I do apologize but here is the article that was supposed to be released LAST Sunday. The normal biweekly schedule will resume with next Sunday. With that out of the wat let’s begin! […]

The Sunday Review: Best Friends Bareback Pad — The Green Horseman

I have the black one. Love it.

I also find its great to use in the rain when you don’t want to get your tack dirty.

The Unbranded Treeless – Possibly Older Freemax / Freeform

I bought this saddle in January with the idea of using the base. I have a Freeform and my seat would sit nicely on this.

It isn’t branded, but looking at it, it is very similar to what an older Freemax / Freeform would have looked like.

Unbranded Treeless Base

It has movable knee rolls which is what interested me. My current treeless model doesn’t. However with the lockdown and other things besides, I never did get round to actually testing out my idea.

The seat itself is made of some sort of synthetic leather and although it comes with a wither iron arch, this didn’t seem to help the front sit well. The structure of the pommel on its own looks like it would offer wither clearance as you would be using a pad.

Unbranded Treeless Seat

The stirrup bars I believe were used in the Freemax, unless anyone knows of any of brands? So I lean towards either a copy of, or an old prototype.

Stirrup Plate and Either Iron Arch