Trekker Takent I

Trekker Talent I

I bought a trekker talent I off of Ebay about 4 years ago for a youngster that I was backing. Initially I found that it slipped about a bit but after trying many girths I settled for a swung girth from equine whispers and a haf pad. The saddle is literally like sitting on an armchair and extremely comfortable. At one time I fancied a change and bought a torsion saddle which although was very comfortable I found that with the equitex pad I had very little contact with my horse ( a very round fjord!). Fortunately I had not sold the trekker so we went back to that one.

The Trekker, Aussie Model

© Trekker Aussie

This has just been released in February 2016.

It has all the same features as you would expect from a Trekker, the adjustable panels, seat size and pommels. But this model has padded and slightly flexible thigh rolls, unlike other Aussie saddles.

It also has two stirrup bars. Lots of D rings and a unique serial number.

Available in black or brown and comes in two base lengths, standard and short.

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© Trekker Aussie



Treeless Saddles

Interesting read, however just to clarify this site doesn’t include the HM range as it is part treed, The Contact hasn’t found its way in my tack room to be tested.
Wintec doesn’t make treeless.

Pat Voisey

All the horses in the pictures above are wearing Treeless Saddles .

Treeless saddles have been around in some form or another for almost as long as horses have been ridden. They most certainly are not new.

There are a great many treeless saddles on the market, made of a variety of materials and in a wide variety of styles.

There is one important fact that I think it is important to remember , the best saddle for your horse is the one that fits him , in every aspect.

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