Is a Treeless Saddle Right for You?

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Is treeless right for you.

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BarefootNevadaLIVEFieldgirl Barefoot Nevada Treeless Western Saddle

There are so many saddles in this world, where does one begin? Saddle trees were traditionally made of wood, which is why it’s called a tree. Today, treed saddles are made out of various materials. Saddle trees can be made with wood reinforced with spring steel, wood combined with other metals or rawhide, fiberglass, synthetic polyethylene, and even plastic. Treeless saddles are often made with leather, foam, fiberglass, felt and other materials to create panels for spine protection and a stiff pommel for wither protection. The decision to choose a treed or treeless saddle is most often based on what works best for your horse.

Action Rider Tack has been selling a variety of treed and treeless saddles for years, and through our experience with success and failures we have developed certain guidelines to determine whether a treeless saddle might be good for you.


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Acavallo Seat Saver Review — Gel in or Gel out?

Well written review on the acavallo seat saver


When I first started riding again after my accident, I expected my ankle to hurt. I worried my knee would hurt. I felt like I had to protect my body.

What I didn’t expect was that my seat bones would hurt! Let’s face it, before my accident, my rides were pretty active. My weight was in my legs as we were trotting and cantering a lot. During my recovery, I’ve been walking. A lot. I’m out of shape, my horses are out of shape and my legs are still regaining their strength. What I’ve discovered is that my beloved saddles are hard!

I’ve tried seat savers in the past. I’ve owned sheepskin ones, a Cashel seat saver, a Thinline seat saver . . . none of them really worked for me. It was a Goldilocks kind of situation. Some were two thick, which changed the way my saddles fit (making…

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Barefoot Treeless, Merlyn

The new model for Barefoot is the Merlyn. This is a dressage model with extra short flaps for the cob, smaller horse or the short legged rider.

Very smart design in a soft leather, soft knee rolls, lower cantle and deep seat.

Narrow seat- twist that allows more contact for the rider. Adjustable S curve stirrup plate to allow the precise positioning of the leathers for the rider. This is an open attachment, similar to the E bar design not used on Barefoot, but an S shape. This might mean you do not require a safety stirrup as with the closed rings, but I am awaiting confirmation on this point.