Baloun Bareback Pad

There are various dealers for this pad.

The Trekking pad and Profi pads have the inclusion of a seat. The seat supports the lumber section of the riders back and they have two designs offering this.
Material, the upper material is made from non slip velour leather. The bottom of the pad is made of a foam with a special textile material resistant to the horse’s sweat. The pad is also perforated velour leather (top) and the underside is a perforated foam textile.
Non stirrup design.

No pad needed underneath, fits straight to the horse.
They also have non seat design with gel or just a basic pad.

It comes in children’s and adult sizes. These pads are measured similar to a treed saddle. It is nice to see a company offering size options up to an 18″ seat as some pads are just way too long.